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Coupling beautiful custom designs with quality workmanship, Gallerie Fine Jewellery in Newcastle, has become an industry leader in the design and manufacture of fine jewellery. Defined largely by creativity in our designs with diamonds, coloured stones, opals and pearls in unique and vintage styled jewellery.


It is our blend of creativity and luxury that distinguishes us from all others. Classic design and contemporary style meet in pieces with elegance that is definitively Gallerie. Yet, the wearability of our jewellery is precisely what the fashionable client seeks.


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Custom designed jewellery is the ultimate expression of style

Custom Designed Jewellery

custom designed jewellery

Custom designed jewellery is the ultimate expression of style. Whether it be a remodel of your worn and loved pieces or a fresh idea sketched on paper, Gallerie Fine Jewellery can help you to bring your visions to life. We offer jewellery design and remodelling services that are unparalleled and crafted to the highest quality under the guidance of designer Geneane Gusse.


Have you seen something you love in our store, but wish it were a different colour or size? We can redesign or modify our exisiting in-store pieces to perfectly suit your style, including changing the size or quality of the gemstones, the type of metal and the type of gemstones.


Do you have old pieces of jewellery that you wish you could get more wear out of, or perhaps a family hierloom that needs an update? We are able to combine your old pieces of jewellery to create a new contemporary and wearable piece, or we use your materials to start from scratch and completely redesign the piece into something you will love. We can also offer minor adjustments on your treasured pieces to suit your evolving style.


We are also able to offer you innovative design advice to make your own unique vision come to life. We are able to source the finest gemstones, handpicked by Geneane, to match the expectations of your dream piece, whether it be a ring, bracelet, pendant… anything at all! Our master jeweller, who works exclusively with us and has over 20 years of experience, will then handcraft and finish every piece to perfection. The quality of the finishes that we offer is evident in every one of our Gallerie Fine Jewellery pieces.


There are limitless options when it comes to redesign and custom design at Gallerie Fine Jewellery.


Geneane is known in the Hunter Region for her unique designs which have resulted in many prestigious national and international design awards.


Australian design Award for Pearl Design. Necklace featuring a South Sea Pearl and Australian Pink diamond, hand made and set in 18ct white and yellow gold with black enameling and mother of pearl details.

Tahitian Pearl Suffragette Ring

International design Award for Tahitian Pearl Design. The stunning feature of this ring, the round Tahitian pearl with purple/green hues which mirror the amethyst and tsavourite garnets set in white gold. The colours signifying the women's suffragette movement and the Deco design of that time.

Lily Ring

Australian design Award for Diamond Design. Platinum and diamond ring featuring a Lily cut centre diamond, surrounded by round brilliant and marquis cut diamonds create this Deco/Vintage inspired design

'Under the Sea' Bracelet

Australian design Award for Platinum Design. Platinum fancy link bracelet with little sea creatures inspired by the shapes of the baroque southsea pearls and the shell they are grown in to create a fish, shell and crab.

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Gallerie is an Antwerp Diamond Broker, which means you have the chance to select from some of the worlds best diamonds. Antwerp is the “diamond capital of the world” and Geneane goes there in person to hand select some of the best diamonds to bring to Australia. This means that you can order a beautiful diamond in the colour, clarity, cut and carat you want for a much more affordable price!

Wedding & Engagement Rings

At Gallerie we love helping you find the diamond of your dreams, and will work with your ideas and your budget to source a beautiful selection for you to choose from. A diamond ring is a very special investment, and we understand that you want something as unique as you are.


We use certified stones and deal only with our trusted suppliers, so you can be confident you are getting the very best quality.


At Gallerie, we know that no two couples are the same, that’s why we specialise in boutique wedding bands for both men and women. Come in store for expert advice on finding that perfect ring.


We also offer affordable custom designs, to make sure that your engagement and wedding rings are perfect together.

About Us

Under the operation of innovator Geneane Gusse, Gallerie’s trajectory continues on the ascent. An industry star in her own right, her unique melange of expertise and experience forms the design excellence of Gallerie. The result is jewellery with a decidedly feminine aesthetic that appeals to women of all ages.


With 25 years of design experience in her portfolio, including an Australian Jewellery Design award and multiple finalist entries, Geneane’s appreciation of different eras of design from Victorian to Art Nouveau to Art Deco through to Contemporary designs are unmistakably unique.


Working behind the scenes bringing Geneane’s creations to life is our skilled jeweller, who handcrafts exclusively for Gallerie. 30 years of experience creating meticulously detailed fine jewellery proves as the perfect complement to Geneane’s one-of-a-kind designs.